ITES-3S is the Army’s $12.1 Billion information technology services IDIQ contract vehicle. Summit Technologies was awarded a position on this contract to support the Army’s infrastructure and infostructure technology requirements. The overall objective of the ITES-3S contract is to provide industry best practices, best value, non-personal services to enable a broad range of enterprise-level support services for IT integration and service management activities to the Army, other DoD agencies, and all other Federal agencies including, but not limited to, locations CONUS, OCONUS, and warzone areas. The ITES-3S scope of services includes a wide range of services and technology solutions necessary to supporting the Army’s program objectives. The services provided under this contract include Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Enterprise Design, Integration and Consolidation; Network/Systems Operation and Maintenance, Business Process Reengineering, IT Supply Chain Management, IT Education and Training, System Administration, Help Desk Support, Data Warehousing, Internet/Web Operations, Network Administration/Support, Application Design and Development, Operations and Logistics, Systems Architecture, Quality Assurance, Documentation Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Business Process Development, Information Systems Training, Project and Program Management and Audio Visual services. It is the intent of the Government to establish a scope that is broad, sufficiently flexible to satisfy requirements that may change over the period of performance, and fully comprehensive so as to embrace the full complement of services that relate to IT.

Contract Award Information

Basic Contract Number:


Contract Size Status:

Small Business

ITES-3S Program Manager:

Wendell Lockhart, CISA, CISM, CISSP
Program Manager

Period of Performance

25 September 2018 – 24 September 2027

Benefits of Using ITES-3S

  • There is no industrial funding fee (IFF) for agencies that wish to utilize ITES-3S
  • Decentralized ordering promotes fast and efficient delivery of IT services. All Task Orders are issued via the CHESS IT E-Mart
  • Open to the Army, the Department of Defense and all Federal Agencies
  • Performance-Based Cost, T&M, FFP, and Cost Reimbursement (CR) Task Orders

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How To Order ITES-3S Services

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