Oct 11

Business Transformation


Business Transformation


Provide support for the maturation of human capital technology programs, perform lifecycle sustainment of the department’s portfolio of human resource information systems and support the client organization with IT strategic planning, organizational change management, IT governance, enterprise communications and data management services.


We built a team of professionals with diverse skillsets matrixed across the client’s organization to support and deliver on the client’s business transformation goals:

  • We engaged with the client’s HR community of leaders to improve and sustain the way human capital information technology transactions are processed across the department,
  • Our team of business analysts worked in close coordination with management to develop process maps for the development of new system functionality,
  • We developed business intelligence tools for client leadership that are used for predicting employee turnover, identifying workforce skill gaps, and improving employee engagement,
  • We developed strategic roadmaps to guide the client’s business transformation strategy and,
  • We streamlined employee onboarding by eliminating duplicative processes across the Department


In providing this and other professional services not fully described here, Summit successfully executes services to improve management outcomes and support the client’s maturation objectives.

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